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Phil Russotti has been a distinguished trial attorney in New York City for more than 40 years, concentrating on medical malpractice. In his career, he has mastered new subjects, usually in the sciences, through reading, research, and speaking with experts. In preparation for writing The Essential Rules of Love, he transitioned these adept research abilities to the subject of love and relationships.

Phil runs a 80-person law firm, which has required him to develop his emotional intelligence and sensitivity to others. He used those abilities in his relationship with his wife, Susan—a relationship he feels was the most perfect one any couple could hope for.

As a result, he felt he must share what he learned in that relationship, as well as what he learned from his extensive research in a variety of fields. His latest book is the result of that experience and study.

He has been named a Super Lawyer in New York every year since 2007. The New York Law Journal named him to the New York State Medical Malpractice Hall of Fame in 2014.

Phil lives in Brooklyn, New York. He has three sons and four grandchildren.

The Essential Rules of Love

“I wanted to use my own experiences to teach others how to have a loving and committed relationship.”
-Philip Russotti

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